Copyright 2013. Florenza Denise Lee. All rights reserved.

Welcome Home Daddy, Love Lexi is the first of several books in the, "Hi, I am..." Book Series. This book series highlights the love, joy, pride, obstacles, and challenges faced by our military families and every day. Welcome Home Daddy, Love Lexi is a beautifully told and illustrated story about a little girl's love and pride for her Daddy who is a soldier.

When Lexi was a baby, and too young to remember, her dad deployed. When he receives orders to deploy again, Lexi is now old enough to fully understand what a deployment means.

To encourage Lexi during his time of deployment, Lexi stays in contact with her dad by writing letters, making cards, talking on the phone, and video-chatting. Her dad sends her gifts, cards and letters as well. This helps until one day, Lexi and her mother receive a phone call that changes everything. After this call, Lexi isn't interested in gifts, cards, or letters; all she wants is for her daddy to come home safely.  When he returns, Lexi understands how wonderful it is to say, "Welcome Home, Daddy!"