How much of our lives do we end up chasing our tails?  Like Max, we are caught up in habits that hurt us without even remembering why we started in the first place.  Days, weeks, months, and even many years go by without the awareness of our habits.

Perhaps we can teach our children something better by becoming aware of their breath and aware of their behaviors, just like Ross teaches Max in Florenza Denise Lee's wonderful store, The Tail of Max the Mindless Dog.

Florenza has created a mindful story to teach our children about how we can break habitual non-productive behaviors by riding the wave of the breath.  And just maybe the adults or older children who read this book aloud to the younger children will learn something, too! 

Thank you, Florenza for following your vision.

Michael R. Brumage, M.D.

Meet Radio Talk Show Host, Author, Publisher, Motivational Speaker, Children's Mindfulness Coach, and Certified Life Coach, Florenza Denise Lee

February 1, 2014, Florenza dreamed she was reading a book to thousands of children and their caregivers.  Believing that this was more than a "mere" dream, she awakened and wrote down all that she remembered reading, and the rest, as they say, is history...


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